Experiential Methodology

GLI’s philosophy of empowerment and facilitation can be summarized by the following quote from Anthony Silard, GLI’s Founder and President:

In any decision-making process, it’s the person or people who participate in making the decision who gain power from the process.
For participants to get anything at all out of a workshop, they have to share their own expertise, make decisions with respect to what they want to learn, and engage each other in dialogue and other interactive exercises around issues they consider to be important.
This is particularly important in the case of leaders, who don’t like to be led.

GLI has developed the leadership conference model using an experiential, participatory methodology. The primary goal is for senior leaders to actively participate and share their expertise with other leaders in order to distill Best Practices in the field which they can take back to their companies after the conference. All skills and leaderships workshops facilitated by GLI are participatory and include less than 50% presentation/lecture time and more than 50% time for experiential, interactive exercises including presentations, dialogue, Q&A, dramatizations, 1-on-1 interviews and group projects.

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