Collaborative Communication

How Leaders Create a Culture of Collaboration
and Manage Difficult People Along the Way

Do you ever feel like people in your company or organization are talking "at" rather than "with" each other? Has your company or organization fallen into silos where some people do everything they possibly can to avoid each other? Are age-old rifts obstructing a more seamless and high-performance culture of innovation and creativity from emerging?

In this session, you will learn how to integrate empathy and authenticity into a unique personal communication style that is disarming to others and invites meaningful collaboration. You will also learn why communication so easily downgrades into people trying to prove they are right instead of detecting and responding to each other's needs, and what you can do to shift communication in a better, more fulfilling and productive direction.

If you want to mend divisions in your company or organization and slowly create mutual trust, cooperation and even compassion among your team members, this is the right workshop for you.

Session Learning Objectives

  • Participants will be able to:
  • 1 Identify and describe how to keep their team working effectively toward the mission through management-specific communication skills.
  • 2 Distinguish strategies that enable meaningful communication within your company or organization.
  • 3 Discern how to create an action-oriented, high-performance organizational culture.
  • 4 Discuss how leaders can communicate assertively without alienating their team members.
  • 5 Understand how to move past a transactional culture and toward a culture that puts people and the social mission first.

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