The Global Leadership Institute’s coaching services are facilitated by Dr. Anthony Silard, President of GLI.
GLI can offer you personalized coaching in three areas:

Executive Coaching | professional and leadership development

Life Coaching | personal and career development

Compassionate Communication Coaching | development of effective communication skills at work and home

Praise from one of GLI’s coaching clients:

“Tony has had a truly transformational effect on my personal and professional life. Thanks to his coaching, I have dramatically changed my approach to almost every aspect of my job from day-to-day decision making to long-term strategic planning. Every session is customized and personalized to address my specific issues and, as a result, I am becoming a more thoughtful, intentional, creative and even humble leader. While I have a long way to go, it’s thanks to Tony that I can see the path forward and have the confidence to be successful in work and life.”

— Chris Fanning, CEO, The Outdoor Foundation

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