Discover Your Passion

Discover the One Thing You Possess that Can Never Be Outsourced and Will Inspire Others

Your passion is the one thing you offer the world that can never be duplicated, outsourced or silenced. What is your passion? How can you discover it? Your understanding of the roots of your passion will enable you to inspire and motivate others. Your passion is what makes your employees want to work hard, your customers want to purchase from you or your clients want to partake of your services, and the community want to support your company or organization.

Yet, unlike leadership, passion cannot be learned. You have to tap into what already exists within you. Finding your passion doesn’t involve seeking; it involves seeing.

This workshop will take you on an internal journey that will help you uncover your passion and become a leader that inspires and motivates people toward a common vision. It will also help you, once you have discovered your passion, to understand ‘passion shift’ so you can continuously make the necessary changes to your day-to-day tasks that will enable you to renew your inner commitment to your deeper values and life vision.

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