Effective Communication for Managers

Keep Your Team Working Effectively
Toward the Mission Through
Management-Specific Communication Skills

How do you communicate with difficult employees? How do you manage your direct reports with various learning styles and agendas and keep them focused on the organizational mission? How can you set up highly productive work teams where employees have effective lateral communication while driving forward toward spectacular results?

In this session, you will learn how to use the latest communication techniques to manage your employees effectively for maximum results. An ancient Chinese proverb tells us ‘He who angers me controls me.’ You will learn a system of ‘Process Management’ which will help you to avoid negative emotional reactions in difficult situations and keep your focus on ‘managing for the mission’.

You will learn how to build agreement with your employees on goals, establish parameters up-front and spend less time reviewing their work. You will also learn how to incorporate self-management strategies into your company or organization that enable employees to evaluate their own work. GLI will share its highly recommended reporting system that has been used by hundreds of companies and organizations, which will simultaneously keep you 'in the know’ and make micro-management unnecessary.

Session Learning Objectives

  • Participants will be able to:
  • 1 Understand some of the common personality differences among employees and adjust your communication style accordingly.
  • 2 Discern how to balance empathy and assertiveness into an effective leadership communication style.
  • 3 Discuss strategies to keep your cool under pressure and not burn bridges.
  • 4 Identify self-management strategies that steer you away from micro-management.
  • 5 Distinguish the role of emotional intelligence in effective communication.

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