Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

How to Create an Emotionally
Resonant Company or Organization

What is emotional competence, and how does it differ from emotional intelligence? How can you become an emotionally competent leader? An emotionally competent leader is attuned to the emotional climate of the office and knows how to manage their emotions and the emotions of others toward a common purpose. Your team members want to feel like their voices are heard. They want their issues to be acknowledged and integrated into your company or organization’s processes and strategies.

What can you do so they will feel this way? How can you become a ‘Life Coach’ for your staff? How can you act so they will feel like you are concerned about and attentive to their more holistic needs? How can you detect and attune to the ‘emotional receptor’ among your employees or board members? How can you handle difficult employees when you’d honestly rather lie down in a hot bed of tar than listen to them for five minutes? How can you get your main points across to others in your company or organization without alienating them or making them feel like you’re being overbearing or insensitive? How can you detect the pendulum swing between submissive and aggressive in both others and yourself?

In this session, you will learn how to earn the respect of others by refining your skills at listening with empathy and leading with your authentic voice.

Session Learning Objectives

  • Participants will be able to:
  • 1 Identify and describe how leaders can differentiate their expression of positive and negative emotions based on the target of those emotions.
  • 2 Discuss how to express negative emotions in ways that generate positive organizational outcomes.
  • 3 Discern the socio-functional purpose of negative emotions.
  • 4 Understand how leaders can express positive emotions without losing their team members' perceptions of their authenticity.
  • 5 Identify the psychological bases of various leadership styles.

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