Program Innovation

Create an Organizational Culture
That Fosters Innovation

How does a company or organization court innovation? Drawing heavily from private-sector success stories, we will ask ourselves the question: “Why is it that some companies create one innovation after another and become market leaders, and other companies get stuck in quicksand and never seem to be able to embrace significant change?”

In this rut-breaking session, you will learn how to create innovation in your company or organization from the ground up. Based on intriguing examples from a wide range of companies from Google and Apple to Canon and Nokia, you will first examine the best practices out there: the companies and organizations that are getting it right and integrating an innovative culture into the very fabric of how they do business. Then you will take a look at your company or organization, and design some (innovative!) strategies to embrace the rapid development of the programs you offer.

Rather than a piecemeal, ad-hoc approach, GLI will help you design processes to make innovation a vital part of your organizational culture that you can systematize and integrate into your daily operations.

You will also learn how to preserve change amidst order and order amidst change. You will learn how to develop an entrepreneurial culture within your company or organization that encourages risk-taking and innovation. You will learn one of the core competencies of leadership: the ability to continuously, genuinely and incisively question and improve your company or organization’s strategies to deliver its core programs.

GLI will share the most current change strategies with you so you can lead your company or organization 365 days a year, not one day 365 times.

Session Learning Objectives

  • Participants will be able to:
  • 1 Discuss best practices of innovation and how to apply them within a company organization.
  • 2 Identify cultural practices within a company or organization that foster innovation.
  • 3 Differentiate between innovative strategies that strengthen and weaken the organizational mission.
  • 4 Develop processes that encourage and reward innovation from team members.
  • 5 Understand how to build a culture of creativity and openness to change.

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