The Characteristics of an Effective Leader

How Leaders Effectively Lead
High-Performing Companies and Organizations

In this session, we will address the question ‘What are the characteristics of an effective leader?’ You will think about people (both alive and no longer living) whom you consider to be leaders and their character qualities that cause others to perceive them in that light.

CSL will share the results of over 25 years of research into what characterizes effective leadership, including the findings of studies of tens of thousands of employees around the world who have been asked what they look for in their leaders.

In this session, you will try to find answers to the questions leaders ask themselves everyday: How do I inspire and motivate my employees? How do I build trust with my employees, Board members and customers or clients? How can I lead with empathy and emotional intelligence so my employees feel valued, inspired and committed to their work?

GLI will also share the Three Spheres of Effective Leadership – a model that distills the three most important leadership qualities and how you can leverage their interactive nature and exercise them daily to become an effective leader.

Session Learning Objectives

  • Participants will be able to:
  • 1 Identify and describe three of the most important character qualities of effective leaders.
  • 2 Define (an early version of) their Unanswerable Question.
  • 3 Understand how leaders balance passion with compassion.
  • 4 Distinguish between task-oriented and relationship-oriented styles of leadership and the outcomes associated with each.
  • 5 Identify what employees seek in joining a company or organization.

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