The Currency of Leadership: Building Trust

Create a Trust-based Organizational Culture and
Build the Key Relationships You Need to Lead

How do you build trust with your employees, board members and customers or clients? What makes people feel like you and your company or organization are honest, accountable and incorruptible? Trust is about making and keeping commitments, and is the currency of leadership. When a leader runs out of this currency, they’re also out of a job.

In this session, you will learn how to build your ‘Trust Accounts’ with others by making commitments you can deliver on and delivering on the commitments you make. You will also learn what to do when you’ve made a commitment you can’t deliver on.

After this session, you will be better able to understand the true inner workings of your company or organization, which are determined by a more accurate, trust-based organizational structure that GLI will share with you. You will also be able to integrate GLI’s renowned Trust Mantra into the way you lead from day to day.

This session will help you become a leader that operates from a core basis of honesty and integrity that inspires commitment, loyalty and trust from her or his constituents.

Session Learning Objectives

  • Participants will be able to:
  • 1 Discuss the roles of integrity and accountability to building trust in companies and organizations.
  • 2 Identify some of the unique characteristics of companies and organizations that facilitate or derail trust.
  • 3 Distinguish leadership strategies that foster or impede the development of trust with employees, board members and customers or clients.
  • 4 Discuss the influence of culture on perceptions of trust.
  • 5 Understand the role of communication in establishing and sustaining trust.

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